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Dowry has grown organically since 2009 when mother and daughter (Christine and Fleur) began collaborating on home sewing projects. Their shared passion for old textiles saw the collaboration evolve into a small business that now produces a diverse range of handmade items ranging in size from re-upholstered furniture, ottomans and cushions to small toys and pincushions. They have also diversified into a small line of clothing and accessories from vintage fabric and linen.

Dowry‘s core beliefs centre on slow design and sustainability so they initially sold their handmade wares at markets and popup shops. In 2014 they opened the doors of a small retail space with a studio and workshop space attached. Every step from the cleaning and mending of materials to the last hand embroidered stitch is done in this studio with the help of a part-time sewer and patternmaker and local upholsterer.

The uniqueness of Dowry comes from the collaboration of old and young ideas underpinned by a wealth of ‘hands on’ knowledge passed down through the generations. Dowry gives a fresh approach to the painstaking hand worked fabrics and tapestries found and revered, to make them wearable and useable today.